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randomreferral.com ─ Get a referral code for your Tesla-Order
Dear (future) Tesla Owner, ⚡

I recently ordered my Long Range Model 3 and of course I used a referral code ... from a YouTuber ... who had over 300+ referrals ... but only because I didn't know anyone driving a tesla who could actually benefit from additional 1500km (1000 Miles) of free supercharging miles through my order. The idea of this site is basically that you can get a random code from a database of currently 1645 Referral Codes and filter by the amount of referrals the code already has. Even if you don't know the owner of the code personally you can probably be sure that the person will actually benefit from the miles. The site lives from the community - you! So if you drive a Tesla please consider adding your link to the list and maybe your code will be shuffled.

So far 2693 shuffled codes have been clicked and probably used!

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~ Thank You Tesla Community